PHOWA COURSE: His Eminence Chöje Ayang Rinpoche is the world’s most highly regarded Master of Phowa, the transference of consciousness at the time of death. Rinpoche refers to training in Phowa as “the Tibetan Buddhist way of fearless living, dying and liberation”.  Read more about Ayang Rinpoche and Phowa here.

BUDDHA AMITABHA 10 LEVELS MEDITATION TEACHING: This teaching also comes from the Namchö (Space Dharma) tradition of Mingyur Dorje. These teachings encompass the complete path of Buddhist meditation practice, including calm abiding (shamata), the development stage of visualizing oneself as a deity surrounded by the Pure Land of Amitabha, the completion stage of resting in the True Nature of Mind (rigpa), and the union of development and completion stages together. Included are teachings on Dream Yoga and Clear Light Yoga, both components of the Six Yogas of Naropa.

INTRODUCTION TO THE TRUE NATURE OF MIND: In these “pointing out” instructions, Rinpoche directly introduces practitioners to their Buddha Nature, pure awareness or rigpa.  Through this introduction and subsequent practice, one can calm, focus and direct the mind beyond ordinary thoughts and emotions. Rinpoche requires a personal interview before accepting students for this teaching.

VAJRASATTVA DRUPCHOE: The practice of Vajrasattva, and the recitation of Vajrasattva’s 100-syllable mantra, are common to all Tibetan Buddhist lineages, and are an essential component of the preliminary practices, or Ngondro, and all other development stage practices in Vajrayana. Vajrasattva practice is extraordinarily rich and beautiful, containing highly effective methods to heal ourselves and others and to purify negative karma. “Drupchoe” is literally an offering in the form of practice.