PHOWA (Transference of Consciousness at the Time of Death)

Brief Information about Ayang Rinpoche’s Phowa Teaching

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Ayang Rinpoche says, “My Phowa teaching is particularly for a joyful life ending. Don’t forget about making your death arrangement. We don’t know when or how our life will end.”

We have four major kinds of suffering in our lifetime: birth, sickness, old age and death. For those who are already grown up, birth suffering is over. For sickness suffering there are many helpers (our family and relatives, friends and community) and all different kinds of treatment. For old age suffering, no matter what different kinds of treatment we do to our body, we are going to get older each second, each hour, and each day. Ultimately, we cannot make ourselves younger.

Death is our biggest suffering, and our biggest mistake is not to think about it. Our family members, relatives and friends cannot join us at our death moment. We are alone with the results of the positive, virtuous, good deeds we did in our life. These results are all that is with us, and is our self-protection.

Phowa practice is the best self-protection. It is the best way to be free from death suffering. It is the easiest way to reach Buddha Amitabha’s Pure Land, and the quickest way to reach enlightenment from Amitabha’s Pure Land.

Ayang Rinpoche is a Phowa master highly recognized by many well-known Tibetan Buddhist lamas. Japanese scientists, using an EEG machine, also confirmed their findings. Motivated to benefit all beings, Ayang Rinpoche extensively travels the world teaching Phowa.


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