Ayang Rinpoche’s Teaching and Online Practice Schedule

Introduction to the True Nature of Mind with Vajrasattva Oral Transmission Blessing and Meditation Teachings

December 14-18, 2022, San Jose, California

If you are interested in attending, please contact Silvie Quach at: event.ca.usa@gmail.com or 408-999-0888, and provide the following information:

Your Name

Email Address

Phone Number

City and State (or Country)

Please note that there will be restrictions for attendance, and that a personal interview with Rinpoche will be required. Details will follow shortly.






H.E. Chöje Ayang Rinpoche will lead his students in a Phowa practice by streaming, dedicated to all those who have died. Participation is limited to those students who have completed Ayang Rinpoche’s Phowa course only!

If time allows, Rinpoche will also lead the long Aspiration of Sukhavati prayer.

Date: Sep 10, 2022


*Zoom: *

Meeting ID: 893 4605 5823
Passcode: 572467

San Francisco / Vancouver Time: 3:30 a.m. 

Please use the Time Zone Converter for different countries:

USA Hawaii – 12:30 am

Canada/ USA West Coast – 3:30 am

Canada/ USA East Coast – 6:30 am

Paris – 12:30 pm

Moscow – 13.30 (1:30 pm)

India – 16.00 (4:00 pm)

Vietnam – 17.30 (5:30 pm)

Hong Kong / Taiwan – 18.30 (6:30 pm)

Japan – 19.30 (7:30 pm)

Sydney – 20.30 (8:30 pm)



For the benefit of the students in need, translation service is provided for this practice. The procedure will be same as before, first Rinpoche will teach in English, and then the Mandarin translator will translate.

“Mandarin” user does not need to choose any channel, English and Mandarin will be broadcast on the same channel.

Cantonese, Vietnamese and Russian need to select the channel and translation of different language will be done during Mandarin translation time.
For “Cantonese”, please choose “Portuguese” at the interpretation icon from the tool bar.

For “Vietnamese”, please choose “Spanish” at the interpretation icon from the tool bar.

For “Russian”, please choose “Russian” at the interpretation icon from the tool bar.

Please prepare your own text.
Video/ sound recordings are not allowed.