Private Phowa Practice with Rinpoche and Birthday Celebration

H.E. Chöje Ayang Rinpoche will again lead his qualified students in Nyingma Phowa Practice and long Aspiration of Sukhavati prayer by live streaming on June 5, 2020, the holy day of Saga Dawa Duchen (celebration of Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and parinirvana). The practice will be dedicated to all those who have died from the coronavirus and from natural death. This practice is private, and only available to Rinpoche’s students who have completed his Phowa Course. Please do not violate this sacred samaya and join only if you are qualified.


Since it is Rinpoche’s birthday according to the lunar calendar, students have expressed their wish to do the long life prayer of Rinpoche after the phowa practice and offer greetings and scarf online.


Here is the scheduled time table for the different countries (all on June 5, 2020):

USA Hawaii – 12:30 am
Canada/ USA West Coast – 3:30 am
Canada/ USA East Coast – 6:30 am
Paris – 12.30 pm
Moscow – 13.30  (1:30 pm)
India – 16.00 (4:00 pm)
Vietnam – 17.30 (5:30 pm)
Hong Kong / Taiwan – 18.30 (6:30 pm)
Japan – 19.30 (7:30 pm)
Sydney – 20.30 (8:30 pm)


These are new links to connect either through Zoom or YouTube. 

Zoom Link:
Password: 267169


Please consider making an offering for Rinpoche’s Cultural Center and Phowa teachings in Bodhgaya, or for one of his other spiritual and humanitarian projects, either through the Amitabha Foundation USA, your local Amitabha Foundation, or directly to the Drikung Charitable Society (links found here).