Chokhor Duchen – Great Wheel Day

Ayang Rinpoche Blesses Deer in Sarnath, Where the Buddha First Turned the Wheel of Dharma


Sunday, August 4th, is Chökhor Düchen, one of the four “Great Wheel” days in Buddhism. Known as the Celebration of Turning the Wheel of Dharma, it marks the first time the Buddha began to teach the path to enlightenment.


This is an especially auspicious day to practice and to make offerings to generate wisdom and merit. It is said that the effects of positive deeds are multiplied ten million times.


Take this opportunity to support one of Ayang Rinpoche’s cultural and humanitarian projects. Make a US tax-deductible offering online or by sending a check to Amitabha Foundation, P.O. Box 2572, Aptos, CA 95001, or by donating to your local Amitabha Foundation organization.



Dharma Wheel and Deer Atop Amitabha Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal