Retreat Cottages in Nepal

The Amitabha Foundation Temple plans call for the construction of 64 individual retreat cottages around the perimeter of the main temple.

Retreat Cottage in Phase 1

At present, eleven single-story cottages are under construction. Each is planned for a single retreatant, and contains its own kitchen, bathroom, sleeping and practice areas. Most will have an unobstructed view of the sky and natural landscape, with considerable privacy.

The anticipated cost of sponsoring one cottage is US$15,000. Anyone sponsoring a retreat cottage would have access to the cottage for personal retreat for up to 6 months per year for a total of 40 months.

Putting on the Cottage Roof

Please see the full retreat center description here, or email for more details. Your support is critically needed, and any donation supporting dharma retreat and practice brings much merit. It has been said that the sponsor gains the same merit as the practitioner!

Side View of Retreat Cottage

Artist’s rendition of new cottage and sample floor plan

Artists Drawing of a New Cottage Retreat Cottage Floor Plan