Thank you, Rinpoche, for streaming Phowa practice

On May 7, Rinpoche led nearly 700 of his students who streamed from around the world in a Nyingma Phowa practice dedicated to all those who have died from the coronavirus and from natural death. At the end, Rinpoche had these words for us (rough transcript):


“As much you can, do Phowa more, not only today, for all these dead beings all over the world. It will be great helpful.


“Most countries everywhere are locked down. Everyone is staying in the home. We have a lot of time to do Phowa for dead beings. Try best everyone, all Phowa practitioners. At this time it is very much needed, Phowa for all these beings.


“By this disease everywhere is locked down. This is not so bad; is good. We have best time for the Dharma practice. Otherwise, nothing to do in the home. This time, we must take good opportunity for Dharma practice. Phowa, do more for all the dead beings. We do Phowa for other dead beings, this is our Phowa practitioner duty. For this purpose we did Phowa course. For this purpose, not only for oneself death moment going to the Pure Land, not only this, as much as we can help all the dead beings to free from suffering oceans, attain to the Amitabha Pure Land. For those dead beings to reach a Pure Land, the Phowa practice is the best method.  For this, everybody try best, not only today.”