Nurse or medical volunteer needed in Bylakuppe

Young Monks at Ayang Rinpoche’s Monastery in Bylakuppe
There is an immediate need for a nurse or someone with some medical experience to care for the daily health and hygiene needs of the monks at Ayang Rinpoche’s monastery in South India. There are approximately 130 monks currently in residence, with an additional 30 young monks due to arrive soon. This a very special opportunity to give the gift of your time, energy and experience.
Entrance to Ayang Monastery, Bylakuppe
The volunteer will live in the monastery guest house and receive meals and tea in exchange for their services.
Desirable traits that are beneficial: compassionate, respectful of cultural differences, flexible, patient, perseverant, humble—and sense of humor.
The duties of the medical volunteer will include:
  • Teaching and supervising personal health and hygiene (hand washing before meals, hair washing, showering, washing dress and bedsheets) for 100 monks ages 5-19;
  • Dispensing and applying medicines;
  • Ordering and shopping for medicines and dispensary supplies.
The minimum commitment is 6 months. For more information, download a complete job description here. To apply, send your resume to Ani Samten at the monastery.

Pledge to support the Amitabha Foundation

Amitabha empowerment text

Ayang Rinpoche’s Amitabha Empowerment Text


Your monthly or annual pledge of support and other unrestricted donations help the Amitabha Foundation provide a base in the United States for Ayang Rinpoche’s many humanitarian and spiritual activities. Pledges provide a regular source of income to pay the banking, accounting, legal and other fees required to maintain our charity status. We are a 100% volunteer organization and appreciate your participation in fulfilling Ayang Rinpoche’s vision!

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, ID 95-4111288. Your pledge and all other donations are tax-deductible in the US.

Download and mail in this Pledge Form, and choose one of the monthly or annual options below:

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Guru Dragpo Puja to Remove New Year Obstacles

The annual Guru Dragpo puja at Ayang Rinpoche’s monastery in Bylakuppe, India, begins February 19, 2017 and continues for 7 days through February 25, 2017. Guru Dragpo is practiced at the end of the Tibetan lunar year to dispel obstacles and purify any remaining negativities in order to usher in happiness and prosperity for the New Year (Losar), which is February 27th this year.

You may participate at home by reciting the Guru Dragpo short mantra:

Guru Dragpo short mantra


You may also participate by reciting the Guru Rinpoche mantra (see below) or the Seven-Line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche. Click here for Ayang Rinpoche’s teaching on the Seven-Line Prayer, and the prayer in Tibetan and English.

Vajra Guru mantra


Ayang Rinpoche has said that anyone sponsoring Dharma activities gains the same merit as the practitioners. If you would like to make a US tax-deductible contribution to the Guru Dragpo puja using PayPal or your credit card, please select the amount of your donation below. The full cost of the puja for 280 monks, nuns, khenpos and lamas is $21,650. Here are some suggestions, but your donation of any amount will be appreciated and will be like a drop of water mixed in an ocean of merit. You may include a dedication for your offering in the name of a loved one, including pets. All names must be submitted to the Amitabha Foundation by February 22 at 5 PM Pacific Standard Time.

Puja sponsor
Names for prayers:

You may also send a check in USD made out to Amitabha Foundation to: P.O. Box 2572, Aptos, California 95001. and send the names for dedication to

For donors outside the United States, here is the link to make offerings directly to the monastery’s account through the Drikung Charitable Society.

Twenty-Third Annual Phowa Course in Bodhgaya: MAP

mahabodhi2January 17-26, 2017 Bodhgaya, India

XXIII Annual Phowa Course flyer and daily schedule


Ayang Rinpoche is a world-renowned master of Phowa (transference of consciousness at the time of death). Rinpoche says, “My Phowa teaching is for a joyful end to one’s life. While you are alive, don’t forget about preparing for your death, as we don’t know when or how our life will end.” Read more about Phowa here. Every year Ayang Rinpoche offers his 10-day Phowa Course in the holy city of Bodhgaya, where the Buddha became enlightened. The next course is January 17-26, 2017.

Bodhgaya is extremely crowded this time of year, but if you would like to make last-minute arrangements to attend, see above for links to the detailed flyer and daily schedule, and these other helpful links:

Bodhgaya Logistics and Travel Information and Bodhgaya Teachings Site Map

Rinpoche invites everyone, whether or not they can make a pilgrimage to Bodhgaya this year, to make an auspicious connection by sponsoring the teachings. Rinpoche gives the teachings in Bodhgaya every year free of charge, and your US tax-deductible donation will help ensure that these teachings continue for years to come.

The Amitabha Foundation is dedicated to helping anyone who wishes to learn about the one inevitable event of every sentient being – DEATH. On the surface, it may seem to be a morbid subject that people may not want to deal with. Some may not even want to think about it. But according to His Eminence Ayang Rinpoche, “If one knows how to die, then one will truly know how to live this life to the fullest without wasting any time on frivolous activities.” Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 7.27.56 PM

Annual Wealth Deity Puja (Yangdrup) in Bylakuppe


Namsey, also known as Vaishravana, a form of the wealth deity Dzambhala

In this tenth lunar month, as 2016 and the Fire Monkey year are drawing to a close, Ayang Rinpoche’s monastery in India will hold a wealth deity puja December 9-15, 2016. Ayang Rinpoche will be present in Bylakuppe for the Yangdrup and preside as Dorje Lopon over the ritual prayers.

A wealth deity puja, or Yangdrup, is an extensive ritual to generate “Yang”, the powerful magnetizing properties associated with fortune and luck, which in turn creates all opportunities to ensure an abundance of wealth, prosperity and success in a person’s personal, business and family life, as well as accomplishment in spiritual practice.

This year the annual Yangdrup will focus on Namsey, also known in Sanskrit as Vaishravana, a powerful god of wealth and fortune similar to the well-known Dzambhala. Lamas, monks and nuns at the monastery will also do Guru Rinpoche offering prayers during the Yangdrup.

The total cost of the Yangdrup is approximately $22,000. People who wish to dedicate prayers for their loved ones, including pets, living or dead, and would like to sponsor or donate towards tormas, butter lamps, tsog,  tea, meals, offerings for monks and nuns, or management and travel expenses, may send in their contributions through Amitabha Foundation in their own country or directly to the monastery’s account (see the information below). For a US-tax-deductible donation you may also send a check in USD to Amitabha Foundation USA, P.O. Box 2572, Aptos, California 95001, or use the PayPal button below. Dedications must be received by December 13 at 5 PM Pacific Time to be sent to the monastery in time.

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