Rinpoche to give True Nature of Mind and Vajrasattva Teachings in San Jose, CA

Introduction to the True Nature of Mind

with Vajrasattva Oral Transmission Blessing and Meditation Teachings

December 14-18, 2022

San Jose, California


We are happy to announce that H.E. Chöje Ayang Rinpoche has kindly agreed to give his Introduction to the True Nature of Mind teachings, as well as Vajrasattva Meditation teachings and oral transmission blessing.

A program flyer with details of the schedule and prerequisites for attending will be available soon. If you are interested in attending, please contact Silvie Quach at event.ca.usa@gmail.com or 408-999-0888, and provide the following information:

Your Name

Email Address

Phone Number

City and State (or Country)


Please note that there are restrictions for attendance, and that a personal interview with Rinpoche will be required.

Bodhgaya 2019: Amitabha 10-Levels and Introduction True Nature of Mind Teachings

Chöje Ayang Rinpoche will offer teachings on Buddha Amitabha Ten Levels and Introduction to True Nature of Mind this year in Bodhgaya instead of his Phowa Course.

  • December 30 – January 3  Amitabha Ten Levels Teachings
  • January 4-5  Introduction to True Nature of Mind Teachings

In order to take the Introduction to True Nature of Mind Teachings, you must have a personal interview with Rinpoche between December 25-29 in Bodhgaya and receive his permission to take the teachings, or have received prior permission from Rinpoche.

For those of you who are attending and don’t understand Tibetan, please bring an AM/FM radio with ear buds or head phones to listen to simultaneous translation of English and other languages.

Click here for information about logistics related to Bodhgaya and the location of the teachings.

Rinpoche will give these teachings in Bodhgaya again free of charge. You can make a year-end US tax-deductible donation to help ensure that these teachings continue for years to come.

Bodhgaya Teaching Sponsorship